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Welcome to the Turquoise Room considered by many

to be the finest restaurant in the Four Corners Region

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Open 7 days a week
Located inside La Posada Hotel

Breakfast: 7–11 am
Lunch: 11–2 pm
Travelers Menu: 2–4 pm
Dinner: Starts at 5 pm
Last Seating:  8:30 pm
Martini Lounge: Open until 10 pm

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The Turquoise Room serves regional contemporary Southwestern Cuisine — with an occasional tribute to the great days of the Fred Harvey Company.

In 1935, Mary Jane Colter was asked to design the private dining car for the Super Chief that was to run from Chicago to Los Angeles in 1936. It was named The Turquoise Room. The inaugural run started on Track 5 in Chicago’s Dearborn Station on May 12th 1936. “Ellie,” Eleanor Powell was named its first passenger and so began its illustrious flirtation with the Hollywood Stars of the day. The Turquoise Room was a favorite of the studio chiefs and stars of the day for their private dining pleasure. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our Turquoise Room. Also, consider railroad travel to our friendly restaurant as we are an Amtrak stop.

On the east side of Affeldt Mion Museum located in the 1930 Depot behind La Posada, you can see the #502 railcar, which is one of six ‘Pleasure Domes’ built by Pullman in 1950. These streamlined silver beauties were the Santa Fe Railway’s first dome cars. The #502 was used on the luxury Super Chief, which went through Winslow from 1937 to 1971. #502  is a work-in-progress restoration in conjunction with the Winslow Arts Trust.

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Craft Cocktails
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The Turquoise Room historic photo

A Brief History of the Turquoise Room

In 1997 Allan Affeldt & Tina Mion acquired La Posada from the Santa Fe Railway. It had been closed for forty years. From 1930 to 1957 the Fred Harvey dining room at La Posada had been the finest in the region. La Posada was gutted in 1961 and turned into regional offices for the Santa Fe Railroad. Nothing was left of the once fabulous interiors designed by Mary Colter. Allan and Tina wanted to bring fine dining back to the grand hotel, but nobody thought it was possible.

Allan & Tina convinced their old friend John Sharpe to take on the project. John was one of the most famous restaurateurs in Southern California, with fancy restaurants all over Orange County. It took three years for them to design and renovate the old dining and kitchen spaces and they reopened in 2000. But what would they call the restaurant? READ MORE…

Santa Fe Super Chief Train

The Super Chief was the deluxe train between Los Angeles and Chicago. It was called ‘the train of the stars’ because of all the rich and famous guests. The Santa Fe Railway commissioned their first dome cars – six ‘Pleasure Domes’ – for Super Chief. All were built in 1950 by the Pullman Standard Company and were among the most expensive.

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